ADT Hitch


The K-Tec Articulated Dump Truck Hitch is an intricate system of steel, hydraulic, and electrical assemblies. The intelligent programming and in-cab comforts will improve operator performance. It is important to note that all hitch modifications are 100% reversible, as no permanent modifications are made to the ADT. A full breakdown of the K-Tec ADT Hitch system is as follows:

ADT Conversion

- Custom Bracketry to fit the specific Articulated Dump Truck Model

- Hitch Box with receiver plate and locking pin

- Hydraulic Bulkhead protection structure

- Hydraulic Filters to prevent cross-contamination between scraper & truck

- Hydraulic Valve, Couplers, Hoses to connect the scraper to the truck

- Electronic Wiring Harnesses to connect the scraper to the truck cab

- Computer Controller including pre-programmed system software

- Padded Armrest

- 5” Touch Display Screen featuring Electronic Load Sense including: hydraulic PSI indicators, automatic eject settings, load count tracker, service alerts, hours meter & troubleshooting diagnostics tool

- Complete On-Site set-up of system by a trained K-Tec Service Technician

- On-Site operator training session by a K-Tec Product Specialist

- Fender System to protect truck from material flinging from tires (OPTIONAL)

- Truck Chassis Catwalk System for easy access steps and platform for maintenance on hydraulic system (OPTIONAL)

- Joystick Control unit

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