Full Range of K-Tec Equipment on One Jobsite - July 2016 Newsletter

July 25, 2016

Gravel Pit Project Spotlight

An impressive string of K-Tec Equipment on this gravel pit project including K-Tec 1233ADT/ADT Trains, 1613 Flex Land Leveler, and Ox Block. Located in North Dakota the job involved stripping approximately 20 acres (64,000 cubic yards) of topsoil, & 19,400 cubic yards of gravel.





GX Contractor Magazine Article

K-Tec was featured in Grading & Excavating Contractors July-Aug Issue The Towed Scraper Option

"Contractors will tell you that they can’t move dirt cheaper with any other method. Because of that, there will always be a market for towed scrapers." Read More



2016 Corporate Profile

Want to know more about our K-Tec’s corporate goals, products, and benefits for contractors?
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Hardox Tensile Tec

Using Hardox & Weldox steel technologies allows K-Tec to build stronger and lighter scrapers than competitors. Reinforcement with high tensile wear and structural steel in critical stress areas has established a PSI strength which is significantly greater than many competing scrapers. Click here to find out more about Hardox.

K-Tec Featured Dealership

Alta Equipment is a North Eastern US supplier of construction equipment and offer a variety other earthmoving equipment brands. Alta offers more than 25 years' experience in service excellence and fleet management to the construction industry.
Contact Alta Equipment to check on scraper availability and request a quote.