K-Tec 1237 ADT Model Now Released - December 2017 Newsletter

December 08, 2017


K-Tec 1237 ADT Model Now Released

Featuring the 37 cubic yard 1237 ADT Scraper. New 5 inch operator telematics touch screen display. The 1237 ADT is train configurable for a tandem heaped capacity of 74 cubic yards. Read more




K-Tec scrapers carried massive payloads this year for contractors around the world. Click here to view the video for the Top 10 Countdown of Heavy Heaps in 2016 using K-Tec Scrapers. Click here to watch.

Thank you for your submissions. Please remember to document your largest loads to submit for next year’s countdown!



Australia Dam Widening Project

View the K-Tec 1233 scraper and K-Tec 2822 Flex Land Leveler perform as a rugged, efficient duo in this Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia dam widening & water channeling project.
Click here to watch.



Year End Scraper Maintenance

Finish off 2017 with some scraper TLC. Servicing and maintaining your earthmoving scraper is a necessary, yet unappealing activity. Earthmoving contractors want to be out in the cut moving dirt, instead of doing a daily inspection while holding a grease gun...
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K-Tec Featured Dealership

McClung-Logan Equipment Company, Inc. is an authorized K-Tec dealer that specializes in new and used construction equipment with locations in Delware, Maryland, and Virginia. Contact McCLung-Logan to check on scraper availability and request a quote.