Massive Makeover ‒ K-Tec Scraper Edition - October 2017 Newsletter

October 31, 2017


Massive Makeover ‒ K-Tec Scraper Edition

View this before and after video of K-Tec's 6th scraper ever manufactured, refurbished by K-Tec’s Restoration Specialists. K-Tec has been manufacturing scrapers for over 15 years, and every K-Tec Scraper made is still in service today. Click here to watch.



K-Tec Fabrication Shop Expansion

Due to strong market demand, K-Tec’s fabrication facility underwent expansion and doubled in floor space to keep up with its dealerships and customers.



5 In. ELS Display Screen For 2018

K-Tec’s ADT Scrapers will have an updated and enhanced 5" touch screen display, featuring convenient operator service alerts, a large user friendly touch screen and increased accuracy on load counts.



Submit Your Best Heaps

How do you stack up? Submit a photo of your K-Tec Scraper Heavy Heap success for it to be featured in our future 2017 Top 10 Heaps video on our YouTube channel!

Click here to submit a photo.



ROMCO Equipment Co. Celebrates Its New Corporate Headquarters

ROMCO announces the opening of its corporate headquarters located in Carrollton, Texas. Click here to view the full article or visit