1411 Flex

1411 Flex

Land Leveling Easily Transported

Designed for maintaining haul roads, precision leveling and field drainage; the Flex models enable the folding back of the hitchpole for legal road width to transport the leveler between jobsites.

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1411 Specifications

General Specifications
Heaped Capacity (ISO Rated)
(Tandem) Heaped Capacity (ISO Rated)
Struck Capacity
Max Loading Rating
Bucket Dimensions
Cutting Width
Cutting Edge
Gate Opening
Rack Height (Tiltable)
Rack Height (Automatic Dumping Action)
Gate Cylinders
Lift Cylinders
Ejector Cylinder
Ejector Cylinder 1
Ejector Cylinder 2
Standard Features
Warranty (3 year structural, 6 months parts)
Push Load, Top Load
Automatic Cushion Ride
Ride Control
GPS/Laser Adaptability
Wrap Around Mud Scrapers
Radial Tires
4 Tires (Standard on Lead Scrapers)
4 Tires (Standard on Rear Scrapers)
4 Tires (Standard)
Roller Push-Block
Extra Wheel to Frame Clearance
Optional Features
2 Tires (Optional)
2 Tires (Optional on Rear Scrapers)
4 Tires (Optional on Rear Scrapers)
4 Tires (Optional on Lead Scrapers)
4 Tires (Optional)
4 Tires (Optional-Standard on Lead Scrapers)
4 Caliper Disc Brake System
Wrap Around Mud Scrapers
Gate Extension
Hydraulic Filter system (optional)
Truck Fender System (optional)
Truck Chassis Catwalk System (optional)
Mine Version (optional)
Power Unit Considerations
Horsepower Required
(Tandem) Hitch Pin to Rear Axle Length
Hitch Pin to Axle Length
Weight Distribution
Ball to Rear Axle Length
Transportation Measures
Transport Cutting Edge Clearance
Overall Width
Overall Height
Overall Length
Shipping Weight
Overseas Shipping


General Specifications
Struck Capacity11.4 Cubic Yards8.71 Cubic Metres
Bucket Dimensions14' x 5' 1" x 4' 7"4.27m x 1.55m x 1.4m
Cutting Width14'4.27m
Standard Features
Optional Features
Power Unit Considerations
Horsepower Required250 HP +186 KW +
Transporation Measures
Overall Width14' 3"4.34m
Overall Height10' 6"3.2m
Overall Length25'7.62m
Shipping Weight7,750 lbs3,515 kgs

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Specifications are subject to change without notice.