The Solution

The Solution


  • K-Tec scrapers are designed in 3D models and stress tested.
  • K-Tec hires and retains welders who strive for quality workmanship.
  • K-Tec purchases world class raw materials to fabricate a solid scraper including SSAB's Hardox and Weldox steel.
  • K-Tec scrapers undergo a 44-point quality control inspection before leaving the facility.
  • K-Tec offers a 3 Year Structural Warranty on all of our scrapers.
  • Even in the rigorous construction & mining industries, K-Tec's average annually warranty claim rate is less than 1%.


  • K-Tec scrapers range from 28 cubic yards to 63 cubic yards.
  • K-Tec scrapers weigh as little as 767lbs/cubic yard, through the advantages of high tensile steel.
  • Larger size of scraper increases the amount of dirt that can be moved.
  • Broad range of model sizes to suit any substantial construction project.
  • View Comparison Animation to see the massive advantage that K-Tec will bring to your earthmoving equipment fleet.

Ease of Operation

  • K-Tec scrapers have minimum maintenance, with 6 or less grease points.
  • Automatic Cushion Ride offers a smoother ride, and reduces damage to equipment.
  • Short turning radius for responsive maneuverability.
  • Flotation tires enable operation during muddy soil conditions.
  • Large rack retains soil from falling out, offering a fuller heaped capacity.
  • Low, large target for top loading and push loading possibilities.
  • A minimum of 28” clearance from ground to cutting edge.
  • Largest gate and throat opening in the industry, provides easy loading and unloading.
  • The opening of the gate, angle of the cutting edge, the relief behind the cutting edge, and the shape of the bowl, all contribute to K-Tec scrapers being able to load up to an additional 50% more material in the same time as alternative brands.
  • Ease of loading also plays a large factor when it comes to an average fuel consumption of only 12 to 18 Gallons Per Hour.



  • K-Tec scrapers are able to load, transport, and then place the most amount of material per pass in a timely manner.
  • K-Tec scrapers can carry up to 50% more material while being able to maintain equal cycle times while using a similar power unit.
  • A scraper that carries over 50% more material will cost more, but your additional production will make up the capital cost difference and will ultimately make you more money.
  • When K-Tec scrapers are matched with the correct power-unit for a specific jobsite, this results in an advantage over other earthmoving equipment. View Comparison Chart


The solution to enhancing your earthmoving operation is the industry leading K-Tec massive advantage.