The Solution


At K-Tec™ we understand that your earthmoving situation is unique. K-Tec strives to provide innovative earthmoving solutions for any application. We listen to your needs and present custom options to get the job done right. K-Tec is flexible and willing to assess your custom earthmoving needs. If you have ideas to further develop our conceptual design to better suit your application, please contact us with your input.

K-Tec’s scrapers have been instrumental in transforming global landscapes to improve quality of life in the following work applications:

Land Transformation
  • Wildlife Reservations
  • Creation of Levees for Flood Protection
  • Golf Course Development

Road Building

  • Interstate Highway Expansions & Repair
  • Suburban Residential Roads
  • Additional Access/ Service Roads

Site Preparation

  • Residential Housing Developments
  • Ranch Acreages
  • Cattle Feedlots
  • Airport Runway Expansions
  • Oil Field Preparation
  • Military Weapons Ranges

Pond Creation

  • Barn Lagoons
  • Retention Ponds
  • Shrimp Ponds
  • Stripping Topsoil
  • Precision Ditch Drainage

Coal Processing

  • Coal Gob
  • Coal Fines
  • Coal Fly Ash
  • Raw Coal


  • Stripping Overburden
  • Mine Reclamation
  • Haul Road Smoothing
  • Transporting Gypsum Rock for processing