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Why K-Tec?

It is a known fact that when possible, the use of a scraper to move dirt is the cheapest option. When you consider the scraper concept, it makes sense. A single machine that can pick up material, often by itself, haul the material to a specific location, and eject the load of dirt into the exact location needed. The scenario seems flawless, but contractors around the world will tell you that it is not that simple, as every application is different. K-Tec has spent years listening to the end user to make a scraper that can overcome some of the everyday problems that contractors face on almost every job site. 

The Rest Versus K-Tec

K-Tec will list a number of considerations to think about when considering your next earthmoving equipment rental or purchase. When a contractor is considering a job, the three main dirt moving options are as follows.

1) Excavators and Rock Trucks Versus K-Tec:


  • Capital Cost – Normally a contractor will need, at a minimum, the following equipment per job site:  1 Excavator, 2 ADTs, 1 Dozer.
  • Operators – 4 pieces of equipment need 4 operators.
  • Fuel Cost – 4 pieces of equipment need 4 engines.
  • Flexibility – If a contractor already has an ADT fleet, our ADT scrapers are an easy and cost effective fit.  The use of an ADT as a power unit allows for the contractor to maintain the fast speed while having a self loading option at their finger tips.

2) Motor Scrapers Versus K-Tec:


  • Capital Cost – This is due to little or no competition in the motor scraper product line.
  • Fuel Costs – Typically, motor scrapers are not very fuel efficient.
  • Flotation – Most motor scrapers are extremely heavy.  That, together with the tire configuration, makes for high ground PSI.  This proves to be a big problem in wet job site conditions.  This problem alone usually stereotypes scrapers to be only used in dry, hard soil types.
  • ADT Concept – Most contractors hesitate to bring an AG tractor onto their job site.  The ADT concept allows a contractor to use a standard construction power unit to pull a construction scraper.  This ADT power unit allows for a contractor to maintain his transport speed while hauling more material with the K-Tec.

3) Other Pull Pan Scrapers Versus K-Tec:


  • Construction Grade – Most of the other pull pan scrapers are based on Agricultural backgrounds.  K-Tec is a true construction grade scraper for all applications.
  • Capacity – K-Tec builds the largest pull pan scraper on the market to date.  With the global recession, capacity has become a major factor on construction jobs.  Being the lowest cost producer is now a priority to stay in the marketplace.
  • Capital Cost – Other pull pan scraper manufacturers will tell contractors that K-Tec is overpriced.  When you compare an 18 yard scraper to a 33 yard scraper, then yes.  But this is unrealistic.  So when you use capital cost versus cubic yards, taking into account that a single scraper will out cycle a train of scrapers, the pricing is always in favor of the K-Tec solution.
  • Self Loading – Even with our capacity being larger than most, K-Tec is known throughout the industry as being the easiest loading scraper.  Self loading cuts out support equipment and makes the scraper a self contained unit.
  • Top Loading – When a contractor does have an excavator on site, K-Tec’s design allows an excavator to easily top load into the scraper.  With the rack tilted back, the target area is the same size as a 40 ton ADT but positioned lower, which makes for easier top loading than into an ADT.
  • Push Loading – Every K-Tec scraper has been designed with the ability to be push loaded without voiding the warranty.  This does not mean they necessarily need it, but the option is always there.