Why are some K-Tec scraper models bolted together?

2020-11-07T08:07:19-06:00November 7th, 2020|

Some K-Tec scraper models have an innovative bolt-together design for convenient overseas shipping, as expensive Roll-on Roll-off costs can be eliminated in favour of container shipping. The scraper may be

Do the greaseless bushings really work?

2020-11-07T08:06:52-06:00November 7th, 2020|

Yes, the greaseless composite bushings work excellent, and save time on daily maintenance. Their longevity is optimal in most jobsites, and are easy to replace. The goal for greaseless bushings

Why the 4 tires across the back of the scraper?

2020-11-07T08:06:38-06:00November 7th, 2020|

K-Tec uses 4 tires to handle the large capacity loads, while providing greater flotation to the ground. K-Tec’s four tires are common tire sizes for replacement convenience. Different tire sizes

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