Service & Support

Servicing earthmoving equipment is important to extend the life of the machine. Order consumable parts and view scraper parts manuals or request our trained service technicians to maintain scrapers to keep fleets running smoothly. K-Tec Earthmovers are backed by a solid 3-year structural warranty.


View our current selection of scraper hitch options to attach to your existing power unit.

Contact our order desk at for 24 hour information and assistance.


Ensure that your scraper operation maintains the proper pressure ratings, max load ratings, and haul road speeds as indicated on our tire pressure chart.


Contact for 24 hour information and assistance.

K-Tec Earthmovers have groundbreaking durability, which is backed by a 3-year structural warranty. Our confidence in high tensile steel, provides security for your earthmoving investment.

Download our Warranty Policy, Scraper in Service Form, or Scraper Warranty Claim Form.

Download our Warranty Policy, Land Leveler in Service Form, or Land Leveler Warranty Claim Form.