First K-Tec ADT Scrapers in UK Moving Dirt - August 2018 Newsletter

August 27, 2018


First K-Tec ADT Scrapers in UK Moving Dirt

Volvo A30G and K-Tec 1228 ADT scrapers loading 240,000 cubic metres of topsoil and shale for residential and commercial site preparation in Throckley, North East England, UK. Click here to watch.



Scraper Technology Advancement Article

K-Tec has spent years of research and development in refining an optimal self-loading scraper. The resulting cutting-edge angle & configuration, along with bowl dimensions attribute to advantageous self-loading. All K-Tec scrapers have the 3 core technologies built in: Load-Tec, Tensile-Tec, & Lube-Tec. Click here to read more.



K-Tec 28 Foot Wide Land Leveler Working in Australia

Watch the K-Tec 2822 Flex Leveler and New Holland TJ450 improve existing cultivated melon hole country on Queensland's Western Downs. High precision dual-grade leveling in a single pass. Note how the curved blade effectively cuts away high spots and evenly distributes the soil in lower lying areas.



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K-Tec Featured Dealership

Hoober is an authorized K-Tec direct mount scraper dealer with 9 locations in Eastern USA. Contact Hoober to check on scraper availability and request a quote.