K-Tec Scraper Floats on “Moon” Sand - July 2017 Newsletter

July 31, 2017

Heavy Construction Equipment Floats on "Moon" Sand



Located near Jacksonville, Florida, USA, it appears to be Moon sand! This is not an illusion, it feels like walking on a water bed! What would happen if heavy machinery drove on top of it? Would they sink into quicksand? Click here to see what happens when construction equipment drives across!



Brisbane Airport Runway Extension Update

The biggest aviation project in Australia, when complete will give Brisbane the best runway system in the country. So far 360 hectares of soft marshland has been reclaimed by pumping 11 million cubic metres of sand onto the site. Click here to watch K-Tec 1233 Trains in action push load sand with Case IH Steiger 600 Quadtracs.



K-Tec Direct Mount Scraper Operator Training

In this instructional operator training video we will be going over the fundamentals of operating a K-Tec scraper behind a tractor. This step by step guide will help you optimize production for your earthmoving success. Click here to watch.



K-Tec Scale Comparison

View these comparison animations to get a better sense of K-Tec scrapers size compared to other common pieces of construction site equipment. See how nicely the machine fits into your earthmoving equipment fleet to gain a massive advantage.



New K-Tec Dealership Announced

K-Tec Earthmovers Inc. is pleased to add Wade Incorporated to the group of authorized K-Tec dealerships of direct-mount scrapers. Mississippi based, Wade Incorporated is dedicated to serving the equipment needs of farmers, contractors, and property owners. Click here to read the press release.