Pusher Block Innovation

December 08, 2015

The new K-Tec Pusher Block turns a 350+HP Tractor into a fast moving pusher dozer!

If you have ever wanted a more versatile and nimble piece of pushing equipment than the crawler dozers, then you must investigate the K-Tec Pusher Block.

The Pusher Block system replaces the front suitcase weights on the tractor, offering more weight in the front of the unit for a balanced weight distribution. The tractor may then be able to pull it's own scraper, while assisting as a piece of support equipment in the push-loading of another scraper.

Comparing the tractor pusher block to a dozer, the contractor is able to burn less fuel, reduce undercarriage costs by a minimum of 50%, and have higher speed mobility to reverse back to the start of the cut in time to push the next scraper for loading.

The pusher-block comes with cushion-push technology to reduce the strain on operators and structural equipment.

The K-Tec Pusher-block innovation is patent pending.

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