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Frequently Asked Questions

How does K-Tec compare to other scrapers on the market?2020-11-07T08:05:24-06:00

The K-Tec scraper is designed to be a high-capacity, minimal maintenance, lightweight, & durable machine. K-Tec scrapers are the largest in the marketplace, resulting in less cycles per day, allowing for greater production. K-Tec scrapers have 2 or less daily grease points, 4 monthly grease points, and have greaseless bushings to spend time more productively. Using high-tensile steel, K-Tec scrapers are designed to be strong and lean, carrying more dirt and less iron. K-Tec has an industry leading 3-year structural warranty to stand behind the quality and workmanship of our scrapers. This allows for the cheapest cost per yard, resulting in the ultimate Return on Investment.

That scraper is huge! It can’t self-load, can it?2020-11-07T08:05:45-06:00

All of the K-Tec scraper models up to 43 cubic yards can efficiently self-load. K-Tec has spent years of research and development in refining an optimal self-loading scraper. The resulting cutting edge angle & configuration, along with bowl dimensions attribute to advantageous self-loading. These factors allows K-Tec scrapers to maximize the horsepower provided by the power-unit.

Can you actually push load it and it won’t void the warranty?2020-11-07T08:06:04-06:00

Yes, K-Tec’s scrapers have been stress tested, and designed to handle push-loading. Hardox steel wear plates are incorporated into the push blocks and may be replaced once worn down. K-Tec’s largest scrapers have a rolling push block for an even smoother push loading experience.

Won’t those angled router bits just rip off? For sure when we’re push loading…2020-11-07T08:06:21-06:00

The angled router bits are securely fastened at a 30 degree angle to help pull in material and reduce additional friction/wear on sidewall; while providing the full cutting width of the scraper. The angled router bits are a part of the trailing arm assembly, and not the floor. This allows the router bits to engage material at an optimal vertical position, allowing for ultimate strength. We have never experienced a structural failure of the angled router bits.

Why the 4 tires across the back of the scraper?2020-11-07T08:06:38-06:00

K-Tec uses 4 tires to handle the large capacity loads, while providing greater flotation to the ground. K-Tec’s four tires are common tire sizes for replacement convenience. Different tire sizes for different scraper models are available for unique applications.

Do the greaseless bushings really work?2020-11-07T08:06:52-06:00

Yes, the greaseless composite bushings work excellent, and save time on daily maintenance. Their longevity is optimal in most jobsites, and are easy to replace. The goal for greaseless bushings is to keep the pivot point clean and dry, which prevents contaminants from entering the bearing, unlike traditional greasepoints that attract contaminants unless purged daily. The life expectancy of a greaseless bushing is one-year of earthmoving operation (2000 Hours).

Is K-Tec able to meet my servicing needs for getting parts to my jobsite?2020-11-07T08:07:06-06:00

K-Tec has a vast dealership network spanning North America and Australia, where local dealers stock common parts on the shelf. For more unique parts, K-Tec has a U.S. based parts depot, and is able to ship “Next Day Air” to get you the parts that you need to keep moving material. K-Tec’s service team is experienced and flexible to provide technical and swift support to keep machine downtime at a minimum (traditionally less than 30 working hours).

Why are some K-Tec scraper models bolted together?2020-11-07T08:07:19-06:00

Some K-Tec scraper models have an innovative bolt-together design for convenient overseas shipping, as expensive Roll-on Roll-off costs can be eliminated in favour of container shipping. The scraper may be reassembled overseas within a day and a half, ready for work. The second reason is that safety is always a priority at K-Tec. Handling smaller subassemblies, allows for ease of manufacturing & quality. These subassemblies can always be welded in-position, offering a higher quality product.

What is the expected life span of the K-Tec scraper?2020-11-07T08:07:42-06:00

In most dirt conditions, we anticipate a minimum of 10,000 hours before needing to replace the liners on our scrapers. K-Tec has been manufacturing scrapers for over 15 years, and every K-Tec Scraper made is still in service today.

How is the resale value on a K-Tec scraper?2020-11-07T08:08:00-06:00

The K-Tec scraper has an impressive resale value on the secondary market, as you are able to separate the scraper from the power-unit for sale. There have been times where a customer has bought K-Tec scraper, and used it effectively for 7 years with over 10,000 hours, only to sell it for a profit on his initial purchase price.

What types of equipment can I use to Pull a K-Tec scraper?2020-11-07T08:08:25-06:00

actors including: Case, John Deere, Versatile, Agco, New Holland. Articulated Dump Trucks including Volvo, Caterpillar, John Deere, Bell, Terex. 4 x 4 Construction Tractors including Volvo & Bell. Crawler Dozers including Caterpillar and Liebherr. K-Tec manufactures custom hitches for all power unit options.

How much effort is it to convert an ADT into a scraper hauler?2020-11-07T08:08:40-06:00

For the initial truck conversion set-up, it takes a crew approximately 20 man hours to complete the truck conversion for pulling a K-Tec Scraper. Subsequent set-ups are considerably faster, at 8 hours. All modifications are 100% reversible.

Can K-Tec help with training operators?2020-11-07T08:09:28-06:00

K-Tec has qualified personnel on staff to train your operators. K-Tec has also innovated intuitive Joystick control & display screen to aid in the training process, with auto eject functionality on ADT units.

How bumpy is the ride on a K-Tec scraper?2020-11-07T08:10:00-06:00

K-Tec’s automatic cushion ride system takes the shock out of fully-loaded scrapers. The ADT truck with a 6-wheel drive and longer wheel base, has a much smoother ride compared to traditional motor scrapers or Ag tractors. Furthermore, the use of a full-suspension ADT truck can be like operating on a cloud. Watch the automatic cushion ride system in action here:

How does K-Tec compare to my ADT and Excavator Fleet?2020-11-07T08:10:21-06:00

A K-Tec scraper may have faster cycle times and eliminate several pieces of machinery on an excavator based jobsite. The K-Tec attached to an ADT power-unit is able to be a self-sustained earthmoving unit, able to pick up, transport, and evenly spread out a heaped load of material with a single operator and power unit versus the multiple units and operators needed with a excavator, haul trucks, dozer fleet. The excavator based jobsite would have one operator burning fuel with the excavator loading another operator’s ADT dump box, which is also using fuel. Additionally, a Crawler Dozer and operator is needed at the fill to level out the dirt heaps left by the dumped ADT.

With all of the benefits of a K-Tec scraper, surely the complete scraping set-up will cost more than a traditional motor scraper?2020-11-07T08:11:18-06:00

A new K-Tec scraper packaged with an ADT is actually more affordable than a traditional motor scraper. This provides an impressive return on investment and flexibility for the contractor.

I still don’t believe it will work in my soil until I see in on my job site running against my equipment.2020-11-07T08:12:05-06:00

K-Tec scrapers have efficiently operated as the preferred piece of equipment in extreme job sites such as Red River gumbo clay, Gypsum rock mines, and the sand of Saudi Arabia. To see a K-Tec in action on your own jobsite, apply for a free onsite demo for your upcoming project.

How does K-Tec continue to support my scraper once my 3-Year warranty expires?2021-05-21T15:09:22-05:00

K-Tec has a Repair Parts Exchange program, with a wide variety of structural assemblies that have been refurbished and ready for our Travelling Service Technicians to deliver and install at your jobsite. If your damaged assembly is in repairable shape, K-Tec will provide a core credit to the customer. This cycle is important, as K-Tec can then refurbish your part to be in inventory for another customer. Our durable, heavy-duty construction/mining scrapers that are made for easy maintenance. Should a structural failure occur, in most cases, a simple unbolting and swapping of a new or refurbished assembly will keep you up and running.


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