The Solution

Groundbreaking Innovations

Tensile Tec™ - High Tensile Steel Plating

Years of field trials and materials performance analysis has enabled K-Tec to develop manufacturing and reinforcing techniques that make for the most durable pan scraper available. Reinforcement with high tensile wear and structural steel in critical stress areas has established a PSI stress standards between 150,000 to 200,000 PSI, which is significantly greater than many competing scrapers using traditional steel ranging between 40,000 to 60,000 PSI. This allows for K-Tec to use less steel, while still being constructed as a scraper of superior structural strength.

Load Tec™ - Optimal Weight Distribution System

K-Tec's hitching system distributes load weight to maximize the pulling unit's power while minimizing stress on the hitching tongue. With most of our earthmovers, 75% of the weight is transferred to the scraper's axles, placing less stress on the tractor's rear axle. Our LOAD TEC™ system also works to ensure equal pull occurs between the front and rear axle of the tractor. This balancing of the tractor is achieved by adding weight to the front of the tractor, which minimizes the stress placed on the rear axle. For the ADT series, we've developed a gooseneck hitch pole, and quick attach hook up so that 30% of the scraper's load weight is transferred directly to the point where the truck is designed to carry weight. 

Lube Tec™ - One-Minute Grease Points

While the competitor's scrapers require 12-30 grease points to be serviced twice daily, K-Tec earthmovers can be serviced in only minutes per day. With only two easy access grease points that require servicing once a day, the other four grease points, which are on the rear axle, only require greasing every quarter (500 hours) on new scraper models. Greaseless bushings on all of our other hinge points can run up to 1200 hours before needing to be replaced. This means your labour hours are dedicated to productively moving material instead of maintaining.