The Solution


“Before K-Tec came along there wasn’t such a thing as an industrial grade pan scraper, but these guys have actually done it. It’s made for construction sites and nobody stacks up to K-Tec in terms of size and productivity. Whoever uses one loves it. I’m both a contractor and a dealer, and we find customers constantly saying their productivity went up when they started using the K-Tec scraper. It’s all about the math – bottom line is that the K-Tec units move dirt faster and are more economical.

Nick Kostecki > Owner of NDK Scrapers > Ohio, USA


“K-Tec is definitely the leader in pull type scraper manufacturing! They are very aggressive with their designs and forge ahead into territory that the competition has not even dreamt of. They also take customer input seriously and design and supply special parts and products for the earthmovers when needed. A lot of Dirt Pro’s earth moving success lies in the fact that we utilize these productive, easy to use, low maintenance machines!”

Tom Loewen > Owner of Dirt Pro > Manitoba, Canada


“Extremely well-engineered and they carry an enormous amount of dirt – that’s the main way I’d describe K-Tec’s scrapers. Nothing goes through mud like they do, they just don’t get stuck. It is more durable than any pull pan scraper I’ve ever used. And their relatively low weight along with the fuel-efficient tractor makes K-Tec the perfect answer in a time of soaring fuel prices. It’s well balanced, keeps weight back on the scraper axle where it should be, and doesn’t put too much of a load on the tractor. And they’re good people who are easy to deal with. I can always get a hold of someone when I call and they always try to do the right thing when it comes to helping me.”

Chris Galloway > Owner of CGR > California, USA


"K-Tec is simply the best scraper on the market. We have tried so many different brands but will never have to look any further. The only problem I have, is the competition has seen what we can do and are starting to buy K-Tec also."

Cary Gaddis > Manager at Yager Materials > Kentucky, USA


"We have used K-Tec scrapers extensively for water management projects. We haven't ever found anything that compares to their efficiency!"

Chris Unrau > President of Precision Land Solutions > Manitoba, Canada


"Loading topsoil in my area, you can normally only achieve a level bowl full due to the nature of the soils… Its dead, dry, and flows like water. With the K-Tec 1233 we can get it to stack up in 45-60 seconds! Well done K-Tec team for such a wonderful product."

Trevor Kershaw > Managing Director of 3D Earthmoving Pty Ltd. > Kalgoorlie, Western Australia


I have been running scrapers for the past 10 years; started out with 627's and moved to tractor scraper pan combos. I have been pulling a K-Tec for 5 years now and there isn't even a comparison. My personal favorite is the 1228, as it matches up perfectly for the Case Quadtrac. You just can't beat the loading and unloading of this pan; it's just a plain work horse in my opinion! The cushion ride for the haul road is awesome to simply put the scraper in its spot and let it do its job! I enjoy using your equipment everyday, thanks for making a great product.

Nate Cichon > Equipment Operator at Peterson Companies > Minnesota, USA


"We now have 6 K-Tecs in the fleet. We have a couple of these units set up in tandem which greatly improves the efficiency, minimizes the operators and the running costs. Not too many conventional earthmoving companies do the work that we are doing, due to the fact that we target the light compaction and muddy environments. Our range of material that we work in – we won’t say no to anything. The biggest contract we’ve done to date is the Brisbane Airport… In that project moving in excess of 2 million cubic metres of sand and placing it, we achieved that in record time. The machines have greaseless pins, the only daily maintenance for lubrication is the swivel hitch, it is very light maintenance. As far as maintenance goes, they are exceptional."

Chris Hinze > Owner of Plant Hire Direct > Brisbane, Australia