Throughout the years, we’ve had the opportunity to build relationships with a number of family owned earthmoving companies. Sons often follow in their father’s footsteps, taking up the family business or learning from their dad the tricks of the trade and continuing in the same occupation. It’s part of the heritage of our community, watching farmers pass on their knowledge through the generations or local manufacturers grow as children continue their father’s legacy. This act of passing on the baton inspired our marketing team to create a tribute video to fathers to be release for Father’s Day.

Our own, Shane Kroeker, VP of Marketing, wrote a poem and stars in the video together with his son, playing in the sandbox. We can always count on the K-Tec family to go above and beyond to get involved in what they are passionate about. As a company, we strive to empower our people to use their talents to create amazing work. We think the end product is fantastic! Enjoy!