K-Tec’s Remote Jobsite
Parts Box for Maximum Uptime

To better serve earthmoving contractors in remote jobsite locations, K-Tec is offering a new jobsite parts box product.

The remote jobsite parts box consists of all the necessary scraper consumable parts including cutting edges, bushings, & pins. The box also houses other key components that could cause a scraper to have immediate downtime, such as cylinders. Contractors may also order an optional variety of tools for the set-up and installation of new scrapers on the jobsite.

The box was originally designed and manufactured in Australia, when K-Tec’s authorized distributor, DOM Distribution had scraper customers in remote locations that were not easily accessible to directly service the customer. The remote parts box is a solution that is now available for K-Tec customers worldwide.

The remote jobsite parts box allows for a smart inventory management system of spare parts, to ensure that appropriate scraper parts are always stocked and available on the jobsite.

For additional product information contact parts@ktec.com or visit www.ktec.com