Brisbane, Australia Airport’s
New Runway Project

Project Summary: Developing a 3.3km long, 60m wide, located 2km west of and parallel to the existing runway. More than 12km of taxiways, navigational aids, airfield infrastructure and hundreds of hectares of airfield landscaping.

Project Timeframe: 2014 – 2020

Material to be moved: 17 million cubic yards of sand

Soil Type: Dredged beach sand. Conditions ranged from pure dry deep loose sand to swamp-like sand with salt water saturation

K-Tec Equipment Used: 1233 Trains (heaped capacity of 66 cubic yards)

Challenges Overcome: Due to the nature of the conditions, conventional motor scrapers could not drive on the sand. Dump trucks being top loaded are also unable to travel up the dry sand hills. In using the K-Tec scrapers behind the Quadtrac power unit resulted in a combination that was able to self-load the Two 1233 units in a train with one operator and no assistance from other machines. The utilization of GPS also allowed for levelling the sand as the project progressed, keeping the large capacity outfit fully effective.
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