K-Tec and Cypher Environmental Agree to Strategic Alliance to Promote Efficient Mining Sites Worldwide

Two Manitoba, Canada headquartered companies, K-Tec Earthmovers & Cypher Environmental have signed a mutually beneficial strategic alliance document to strive toward a similar cause. The strategic alliance sets forth the understanding of the parties related in an effort to promote responsible and efficient mining practices around the world. Overall, Cypher Environmental and K-Tec are working together to bring awareness to the new and improved methods of mine site management that can bring out massive efficiencies and savings for mining organizations.

“Cypher Environmental’s products are a game changer in mine productivity & safety.” – Mike Palitsky

Specifically, the strategic alliance outlines strategies for Cypher Environmental & K-Tec to co-promote brands & products, including:

  • Promoting awareness in the worldwide mining industry to be aware of:
    • A more efficient way to transport material with K-Tec’s Scrapers which can be used behind a mine’s existing Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT’s) or Rigid Dump Trucks (RDT’s) for a solution to moving material with less labor, less fuel, and less maintenance.
    • A more long-term solution for smoother haul roads and faster cycle times with Cypher Environmental’s ROAD//STABILIZR product.
    • A safer, environmentally friendly, water conservation solution to control dust using Cypher Environmental’s DUST/BLOKR product.
  • Drive mutual brand recognition and publicity within the mining industry to investigate both K-Tec’s scrapers and Cypher Environmental’s products.
  • Both MSTA member companies will be exhibiting at MINExpo 2021 in September 13-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. K-Tec’s MINExpo booth number is 3262-N, and Cypher’s MINExpo booth number is 1251-N.
  • Cross-promotion posts on social media and e-newsletters for fans to follow both Cypher Environmental and K-Tec accounts.
  • Sales synergies may also be possible where Cypher’s products may ship inside the same 40-foot sea container along with K-Tec’s bolt-together mining scrapers for an efficient shipment, direct to mine sites around the world.

Cypher Environmental President, Todd Burns states “K-Tec is a mining equipment manufacturer that is disrupting the traditional methods of moving mass amounts of material on mine sites by using efficient scrapers with less labor and fuel. K-Tec’s scraper productivity can be further elevated by incorporating Cypher’s ROAD//STABILIZR product on haul roads. Traditionally, with haulage costs representing up to 50% of operational costs for open pit mines, it makes sense to pay attention to your roads! Cypher focuses on helping clients enhance their haul roads and achieve reductions in rolling resistance, increased productivity, reduced fuel and water consumption, reduced maintenance requirements and costs, and of course less dust! The combination of our products on a mine site is extremely impactful for bottom line profitability, and Cypher is excited to co-promote our offerings along with K-Tec.”

K-Tec Earthmovers Inc. President & Chief Executive Officer, Mike Palitsky believes that “Cypher Environmental’s products are a game changer in mine productivity & safety. There is an ongoing shift towards environmentally friendly solutions that is critical for the mining industry and general society.  When a more sustainable approach is used to design and maintain mine sites, we make a positive change in the world. Cypher’s products have zero environmental impact. Likewise, K-Tec scrapers allow for greater production requiring less cycles per day to shrink the earthmoving carbon footprint compared to traditional methods of earthmoving. We believe that the signing of this strategic alliance progresses our mutual goal to further efficient mining operations around the world to open up current and future opportunities to make a mutual global impact.”

Cypher Environmental helps mines Learn the Top 3 Mistakes That Reduce Productivity, Efficiency and Profit in the Mining Industry: https://cypherenvironmental.com/industries/mining/

To apply for a K-Tec Scraper demonstration on your mine site, visit: https://ktec.com/products/adt/

About Cypher Environmental

Cypher Environmental is a leading global environmental solution provider for dust control and road stabilization. We are proud to be the innovators of the world’s FIRST, BEST & ONLY Dust Control & Soil Stabilization products, engineered to successfully solve common and costly road and infrastructure challenges with ZERO environmental impact. Our solutions are specifically catered to help our mining clients reduce their operational costs while simultaneously reduce their environmental footprint.

Applications go beyond haul roads maintenance and can be applied to tailings piles, stockpiles and other dust and erosion control needs.

We achieve all this using our superior soil stabilization and dust control technologies. Applications go far beyond the mining industry and can achieve similar results in a range of sectors.

For more information, visit https://cypherenvironmental.com/.

About K-Tec Earthmovers

K-Tec Earthmovers is a manufacturer of pull-pan ejector earthmoving scrapers and accessories for the construction, mining, and ag industries. K-Tec’s high-capacity, minimal maintenance, lightweight, & durable scrapers have proven to work in clay, sand, gravel, gypsum rock, gold, lithium, bauxite, potash, salt & coal mining applications. In the mining sector, K-Tec scrapers are also advantageous for stripping overburden, haul road building, and mine reclamation projects. K-Tec’s scrapers efficiently complete 3 functions of earthmoving by picking up material in the cut zone, transporting the load down a haul road, and smoothly ejecting the material in the desired fill area on a mine site. K-Tec scraper capacity ranges from 28-63 cubic yards, pulled by Tractors or Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT’s), resulting in the largest scrapers in the marketplace. K-Tec scrapers have 2 daily grease points, to spend time more productively. K-Tec has an industry leading 3-year structural warranty and ISO 9001:2015 certification to stand behind the quality and workmanship of scrapers. For more information, visit www.ktec.com.

K-Tec Media Contact
Shane Kroeker
Director of Strategic Initiatives
K-Tec Earthmovers Inc.
T: 1-204-746-6435

Cypher Media Contact
Ty Nelson
Business Development Manager
Cypher Environmental
T: 1-204-489-1214


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