K-Tec Pioneers New
Scraper Telematics System

Since its inception in 2000, the K-Tec scraper has always been designed as a technologically advanced machine. K-Tec has spent years of research and development in refining the optimal earthmoving scraper and leading the industry in revolutionary product technologies.
Today, the foundation for the future of K-Tec’s scraper telematics has arrived!

K-Tec’s Telematic system beams key earthmoving performance indicators from the jobsite to the cloud, for a software dashboard accessible to contractors for assessing the information needed to make the smartest business decisions for a Massive Advantage in earthmoving.


A hardware kit has been successfully integrated with the K-Tec scraper and existing onboard computer and monitor display equipment. The hardware kit includes a “Black Box” that transmits data via Global SIM Card over cellular signals, a “Shark Fin” antenna for telecommunications link, as well as the wiring package to connect the hardware to the cab.


K-Tec’s Telematic system provides a holistic approach to offering the ideal information to the correct personnel on the jobsite including scraper operators, service technicians, site supervisors, and business owners.

Scraper operators can receive real-time feedback on optimizing load count productivity and payload capacities on their in-cab display screen. This operating system display provides the operator with a selection of automatic ejector modes for specific soil types and an even spread of material for excellent compaction.

Service technicians can receive mobile message notifications when maintenance tasks are due, or if system fault codes are reported for troubleshooting. The reminder alerts will pop-up to have them confirm completion on the scheduled intervals that the operator/service mechanic are supposed to perform a task. Examples range from daily greasing, to tire pressure and cutting-edge checks, to ensure maximum performance of the machine.

Site supervisors can have visibility in viewing jobsite cycle time & load time performance, with average hauling speed and distances on a tablet in the comfort of their pick-up truck.

Business owners can calculate their cost of moving material from their office, while protecting their investment with anti-theft GPS tracking on scrapers across various jobsites.

K-Tec is excited to roll out telematics to both ADT and Direct Mount Scraper lines. Additionally, we are preparing a retro-fit kit offering telematics for all older K-Tec scraper models. So far, K-Tec is beta testing scraper telematics around the world in USA, Canada, Australia & Japan. K-Tec invites all interested contractors to collaborate by providing feedback for future development for the ideal solution in scraper telemetry.

For more information on joining K-Tec’s ongoing journey of telematics in the earthmoving industry, please visit www.ktec.com